2nd Food Integrity Conference: “Assuring the integrity of the food chain: food authenticity research priorities and funding opportunities”


Date(s) - 26/03/2015 - 27/03/2015

Thursday the 26th March (09:00-18:00) Conference “Assuring the integrity of the food chain: food authenticity research priorities and funding opportunities”.

This conference will present the latest research outputs from the FoodIntegrity project and present details of funding opportunities for research on food authenticity.

Stakeholder perspectives
•    Speakers from regulatory, industry and consumer sectors

Latest research from FoodIntegrity
•    The development of an early warning system for predicting food fraud
•    A European expert network on food authenticity
•    A European knowledgebase on analytical methodology and databases for food authenticity
•    Chinese consumer attitudes to European products

Research priorities and calls
•    Establish how researchers can apply to access the 2015 FoodIntegrity research calls
•    Present Horizon 2020 strategic requirements in the food sector
•    Present future research on food authenticity

Friday the 27th March  (09:00-14:00) will be dedicated to interesting workshops on this topic:

  • Workshop: “Keeping safety and integrity in the food chain: A view from many sides”
    Food integrity and food safety are intimately connected (e.g. ‘a food whose origin is unknown cannot be assured to be safe’), and food integrity is a key element of the current concept of food safety, bringing a new layer of complexity to what is already a massive challenge – assuring the safe supply of foods.  This workshop brings together scientists, industry representatives, consumer groups and regulators to address the role of food integrity in assuring food safety in a debate that aims to provide a clearer picture of the key issues.
    •    Food Safety and Labelling in the EU: new labelling regulation
    •    Horse meat scandal: lesson learned
    •    Industry needs regarding integrity and authenticity
    •    Tailor-made solutions to control the integrity of food products
  • Workshop: “Developing a network of expertise in food analysis”
  • Workshop: “Early Warning System”

For full details visit the website: http://www.azti.es/foodintegrity/