ISLAS 2014


The Labelfish team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the International Symposium on the Labelling and Authenticity of Seafood in Vigo in November 2014. Attendees and speakers travelled from Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Ireland, Brazil, Iceland, Chile, Poland, Italy and Slovakia . The two day conference covered a wide array of topics legislation and governance and progress in authentication methodologies, to environmental and conservation issues as well as consumers perspective. 

ISLAS_photos_pdf-000Chairing committee for the first session – Seafood Labelling Traceability: Industry Perspective


The full list of speakers along with their presentation titles are below:

  • Aurora de Blas (Magrama, Spain) “Labelling requirements for seafood with the EU 1379/2013 of the Common Market Organisation”
  • Cristina Clemente (Magrama, Spain) “Food fraud: Official control in Spain”
  • Eric Enno Tamm (ThisFish, Canada) “Challenges and opportunities with traceability and labelling: ThisFish experience in Canada and abroad”
  • Narciso Castro e Melo (ANICP, Portugal) “Labelling of canned seafood. The perspective of the Portuguese canning industry”
  • Cristina Mañas (Spain) “Traceability as a tool for quality labels. Case study: Gambas de Palamós”
  • Marcos Moya (Global Aquacuture Alliance, Spain) “Labelling and authenticity of the Latin American shrimp”
  • Carlos Arniaz (INC, Spain) “Perspective of the Spanish Agency for consumer affairs about seafood labelling: Official control”
  • Cátia Meira (MSC, Spain) “Communication and educational campaigns for sustainable fishing. The case of the MSC”
  • Domingo Calvo (University of La Coruña, Spain) “Quality of fish products, traceability and labelling: Discovering new challenges and opportunities”
  • Robert Hanner (University of Guelp, Canada) “DNA barcoding for seafood authentication”
  • Ilka Haase (Eurofins Genomics, Germany) “New and rapid methods for seafood authentication. Isothermal amplification methods and NGS for seafood authentication”
  • Sara Vandamme (University of Salford, UK) “Harmonisation and standardisation of seafood authentication methodologies: Labelfish approach”
  • Eva Garcia-Vazquez (University of Oviedo, Spain) “Mislabelling in hake trade. Ecological and socioeconomic implications”
  • Daniel Cardoso Carvalho (Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil) “DNA barcoding identification of commercialised seafood in South Brazil: A governmental regulatory forensic program”
  • Dana Miller (University of British Columbia, Canada) “Flags of Convenience and IUU fishing: implications for transparency of markets”
  • Stefano Mariani (University of Salford, UK) Europe-wide DNA assessment of retail fish products: label accuracy on the rise”
  • Iciar Martínez (University of Basque Country, Spain) “Analytical methodologies to identify seafood geographic origin, production method and processing”
  • David Brooks (TwistDX, UK) “New and rapid methods for seafood authentication. Isothermal amplification methods and dipstick devices”
  • Mónica Carrera (IIM-CSIC, Spain) “Innovative proteomics platform for the rapid authentication of seafood products”
  • Didier Montet (CIRAD, France) “Recent innovations in molecular biology analysis to trace microbial ecology of fish”
  • Konstanze Behrmann (Hamburg School of Food Science, Germany) “Population genetics as a tool for authentication of the origin of marine fish: A comparative study on Saithe”
  • Miguel Ángel Pardo (AZTI, Spain) “On-site RT-PCR for tuna authentication”
  • Martijn Staats (Institute of Food Safety, The Netherlands) “DNA metabarcoding of fish species: A performance comparison of benchtop sequencers”

A number of posters were also on display during the conference. The winning poster, as judged by members of the Labelfish consortium, was presented by Claudia Bruenen-Nieweler and Ute Schröder and was entitled “Validated and legal anchored DNA methods for authentication of fish and crustaceans in Germany.” For those of you who were unable to attend the conference, or if any attendees would like to re-visit specific presentations, we will soon be making the entire recorded event available online. Details will be circulated in due course.


Claudia Bruenen-Nieweler was awarded best poster by Stefano Mariani



Labelfish project members and network components from l to r: Carmen Gonzalez Soleto, Veronique Verrez-Bagnis, Domingo Calvo, Ricardo Perez-Martin, Ute Schroder, Rogerio Mendes and Stefano Mariani


ISLAS attendees