Activities & Scope

The LABELFISH project deals with important aspects of one of the main products obtained from sea in Atlantic regions: fish and other edible marine organisms. Although considerable work has been carried out in all project partners’ regions relating to the capture and development of seafood products, the growing global market of seafood from countries outside Europe threatens the feasibility of small companies operating in Europe’s Atlantic regions.

shutterstock_69502336_1600A major means of promoting European Atlantic seafood when competing with other countries’ product is to provide a guarantee of sustainability, quality and traceability. LABELFISH’s transnational experience and cooperation in developing tools to ensure accuracy of product labels will strongly contribute to add value to these products.

The legal framework in which European seafood businesses operate (European, national and/or regional) is an important aspect of implementation of control measures to improve consumer confidence, and influence their purchases choices. Traceability, fishing control practices and quality standards are valueless if control measures are not implemented, so standardised methodologies are needed to guarantee that these control measures are in practice.

The European dimension means similar rules and measures must be employed in European countries so market exchanges between European countries are fair. LABELFISH seeks to establish a balance between the necessary tools, legal framework and perception of consumers, to develop a network with an ultimate aim of promoting high quality, Atlantic, European seafood.