Contribution of the project

The main contribution of LABELFISH is, and will be, to develop, validate and implement adequate laboratory tools for the authentication of species, through a network of laboratories being established by the project.

shutterstock_82843198_1600It is envisaged that this primary network will develop, maintain, and proactively extend it, to include other countries, authentication laboratories, and new methodologies.  This will allow the comparative studies of methodologies and the validation of new techniques and systems.  In the future there is a hope that the network may be extended to an official level, creating a system of national reference laboratories and, potentially a European Union reference laboratory.

The harmonised and validated authentication methodologies would be suitable to be included in the regulations of the European Union, through the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). This organization provides a standardization framework to prepare voluntary standards that help to develop the Single European market for goods and services. By creating standards, ESOs (European Standardisation Organisations) help to facilitate the trade between countries, create new markets and cut compliance costs. Therefore, these steps are essential in order to provide standardized methodologies to control authorities and customers requiring the analyses of products regardless of the country or laboratory where the analyses are performed.